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The face behind @healthbylexi

the story behind it all

So happy you’re here! If you’re new to my pages, I’m Lexi…just a 21 year old girl dedicated to bettering others’ lives and making an impact on the people I meet and connect with! 


So. Before starting Health by Lexi, diet culture and I were best friends. I always thought she had my back: guiding me through every eating choice, making sure I worked out everyday, telling me that I had so much willpower and discipline, and convincing me to develop these so-called “healthy” habits. 15 year old me genuinely thought she wanted the best for me. 

But she was toxic. She taught me to fear foods that I’ve loved my whole life. She taught me to obsess over everything I put in my mouth and track it all on an app. She taught me to label foods as inherently good vs bad, become obsessed with watching what I eat in a day videos and comparing my plates to others’. In an attempt to find myself, learn, and grow, I actually lost myself in the process. 

We live in a society where thinness is praised and encouraged. Even at a young age, we are taught to shrink ourselves down to fit the unreasonable yet idealized social constructs of beauty and thinness, not take up space. And as a 15 year old girl trying to navigate the world I was growing up in, I was so easily manipulated by diet culture, becoming less and less confident in my own skin.


With the support of my family, I soon realized my so-called healthy habits were actually unhealthy and detrimental to my overall well-being. I came to the conclusion that your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you are truly the happiest and healthiest. And in my book, this means the weight in which your body naturally wants to be at; not a weight in which you have to restrict yourself just to maintain that number on the scale. Finding food freedom through intuitive eating and learning how to properly nourish my mind, body, and soul, has been absolutely liberating. We all deserve to live a life FULL of happiness, health, delicious food, and all of the love in the world! And that comes with a healthy relationship with yourself, others, and even food. My mission is to help others develop this mindset as well!

I hope to inspire others to find health and happiness through “good food and gratitude” and use my personal experiences as the tools for helping others find what is missing in their lives. @healthbylexi was created with the mission of inspiring others to feel more confident in their own skin, help people heal their relationships with themselves and food, and provide them with the tools to approach their health holistically. Providing “healthy” recipe ideas, holistic health tips revolving around nutrition, self-love, mental + physical health, etc., @healthbylexi has transformed into a safe space where both my followers and I are able to unapologetically express ourselves and connect with other like-minded people. 


@healthbylexi has become such an important part of my life and such a positive outlet I know I can always go to and have fun with! Being able to help so many people so early on in my life and partner up with over 15 major corporations are two things I am most proud of. And one of the best parts of it all is that I also have been able to connect with so many amazing people that I can confidently call close friends!


can't wait to build more friendships with even more of you! Make sure to stay connected with me here by subscribing so you never have to miss a post, and/or follow me on my socials (linked at the top)!


And as always feel free to reach out for advice, just to say hi, or if you have any questions at all! I would be so happy to chat with you!


Much love,


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